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Creating solutions one conversation at a time

Our Vision

We aim to create a prevalent and enduring culture of humanistic practices by reinforcing approaches and skills consistent with relationship-centered systems. Our programs support and equip practitioners and coaches with the skills to work collaboratively and synergistically with each other and their clients to emphasize, amplify and reinforce the agency, as well as the strengths and resources already present in all stakeholders. Humanistic, solution-focused communication supports a culture of collaborative, interdisciplinary practice, while safeguarding the wellbeing of team members.

Certification Program

We offer a solution-focused healthcare coaching certificate that has two certification designations. The first is the Certified Solution-Focused Health Care Coach program, known as the CSF-HCC. The second program is known as the Certified Solution-Focused Health Care Facilitator, or CSF-HCF.

The certification program is an intensive 12-month coaching program that has a humanistic approach to health care which is made practical through solution-focused skills and strategies. Monthly classes include formal and informal learning contexts where participants will engage with their peers and instructors to create experiential learning opportunities.

This program is fully accredited by CCPC Global Inc.

(The Canadian Council of Professional Certification).  

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Our Workshops 

Our humanistic, solution-focused approach helps participants transform their work experience. We provide the framework, skills and strategies that elevate every participant's conversational and communication competence. 
Customization is Key! Every workshop can be customized to meet your organizations needs. 
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Solution-Focused Communication Workshops: For Families & Caregivers

A workshop series designed to help parents and caregivers enhance their communication skills by highlighting their familial strengths and resources. This series of workshops are exclusively designed for families and caregivers.

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What people are saying

"Thank you. What a fabulous 4 half days. Time very well spend. After 26 years of clinical work, this information is very valuable and I feel that I can start using some of the techniques right away in working with families. Bravo to you all."

– CHEO, Workshop Participant

"Wonderful experience. great facilitators, I particularly appreciated Amanda, because as a clinician she really understood the lens we were looking at the training through; And Elaine because of the depth of her knowledge, and her skill at teaching."

-CHEO, Workshop Participant

"I will be one of the first cohorts to be nationally accredited as a solution- focused healthcare coach after going through the program developed by Elaine Cook at Holland Bloorview. The program has completely transformed my approach to my work as a nurse supporting families with children with Autism, shifting my focus from what can I do to fix a family’s problems, to how can I work with families to access and activate their own strengths and resources, so they can become confident, engaged participants in their healthcare journey with their child and family. I cannot recommend this program enough."

– Cathy Petta, Nurse

"The workshop was wonderful and I feel like this will help me approach certain situations differently. It came at an interesting point in my career. I'm more hopeful about my work and the impact that it may have. It may help to reinvigorate me a little. The facilitators were on-point and provided examples that were relevant and relatable!"

– Sick Kids, Workshop Participant 


"Thank you for allowing us this special time to think about the power of our words, and how we may be able to allow our families to feel more engaged, positively supported, and in more control of the outcomes that are important to them!"

-Sick Kids


"In signing up for the SFHCC certification, I was hoping to grow my clinical interviewing and goal setting skills. I am grateful that I have been able to take so much more from my learning. The growth of my general conversational skills, my appreciation for curiosity, my ability to help myself and others remove our focus from the obstacles in life to see the routes around them, and my facilitation skills in general have been exponential. I now feel like a more valuable contributor to meetings, more willing to approach problems with curiosity and realistic optimism, and safer in relating to clients, colleagues, and even my own family and friends. The evidence- and theory-based approach of the curriculum has guided me beyond a formula for solution-focused conversations towards principles for navigating life situations with a solution-focused approach."

– Laura Bowman, Researcher

Creating solutions one conversation at a time 

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